Bethel Port Rehabilitation Center

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Residential chemical dependency treatment for adult men

The Bethel Port Rehabilitation Program was created to assist chemically dependent individuals on the continuing path to sobriety.  It is a home, a halfway house, a chemical-free environment offering two distinct types of programs based on the needs of our clients.  Port Rehab offers short term program involvement that includes vocational planning and efforts to secure employment.  Extended Care is designed for individuals needing a more structured treatment program, with an emphasis on relapse prevention.  Port Rehab consists of an exceptional team of counselors, technicians and others dedicated to the well-being of each client.  Through guidance, supervision and counseling, the chemically dependent person is able to adjust to independent living in a supportive environment, while learning to set goals and priorities for the future.

  • Established 1971
  • Licensed under MN Rule 31
  • Halfway house and extended care services
  • Residential accommodations for 32 men
  • Individual counseling and group therapy
  • Life skills
  • Job skills
  • Centrally located within the community
  • Referrals and funding exclusive to Rule 25